Channel Baling Press PP-Twine Strapping

It is advantageous to bale certain materials not using classic steelwire.

Products such as RDF,SRF, Biomass that need to be incinerated for Wte (Waste to energy) or  to feed cementkilns.

But also waste textiles,nonwovens and yarnwaste that need to be processed in reopening lines or extruders.


Our full range of  automatic baling presses can be equipped with an innovative knotting system using Polypropyleen twine to tie the bales.

This horizontal tying system uses high strenght version of the agricultural twine and delivers reliable , fast and strong strapping of the bale. Strenght of the used twine is comparable with using 3.4mm steel wire.

There are many obvious advantages by using Polypropylene wire instead of steel wire.

  • No need to remove the twine before incineration , shredding or other pre-treatment of the bales. (RDF, Biomass , …)
  • Safer handling of the twine rolls and bales  by the operators. No danger of injuries during reopening of the bales.
  • Considerable savings on your operational costs compared to using steel wire, as the twine is 1/3 cheaper than steel wire .
  • Faster tying operation compared to steel wire system means higher throughput .


  • When baling materials that need to be kept clean (cotton, hygienic nonwoven  ) there is no oil residue that remains on the bales
  • No danger of steelwire residues going in  reopening lines at textile recylers.

This system is available in  3-wire version , 4-wire version and 6-wire versions .

Download our leaflet here: Adobe-PDF-Logo-45x45

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