Downstroke – Automatic Loading of Bumps

The FTC baling press is designed to pack single bumps into a bale. The bumps are stacked in a cart, which is loaded into the press by means of a shuttle.  Once the cart is inside the press, the bumps are pushed into the press box.
The press box is equipped with a retaining device, which hold the bumps up, while a second cart is inserted. After filling, the shuttle removes the empty cart and the lower pressing plate transfers into the press. The press box lowers and then the bumps are pressed into a bale.
After the bale is formed, the press box is pulled up, so that the bale is free to be wrapped and strapped. Next the bale is taken out of the press by means of a bale removal system, and transferred on an evacuation roller conveyor.

As an option automatic wrapping and strapping can be added.

ftc-small  FTC_01

HPIM0564   Baal_bumps

Technical specifications:

Pressing force: 300T / 500T / 600T
Suitable for bumps: Ø400 / Ø600 / Ø800 mm
# Bumps/bale: until 56 bumps (Ø400 mm) / until 12 bumps (Ø800 mm)