Bagging press

This type of press bags short natural fibers like shives of flax, hemp, and other natural products, and short synthetic fibers. Depending on the customers’ needs, Valvan offers automatic systems or semi-automatic systems. In the latter system, the pressed materials are bagged manually. Other customizable features include pressing force, bag size, dimensions, the conveyor system, etc.

Semi-automatic and automatic bagging press

The semi-automatic bagging press allows for automatic material feeding into the press via one or more conveyor belts or pneumatic transportation. After the material has been placed in the bag, it must be manually closed with tape. The bags must be manually removed at the exit channel.

The automatic bagging press allows for both automatic material feeding and automatic bag removal at the exit channel.


  • Weight of bags can vary from 5 up to 50 kg.
  • Dimensions can be designed to customer’s demand.
  • Pressing force : 25 T / 40 T


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