Balers for small bales

We offer a variety of balers for small export bales. Our standard range includes VVH balers, DP balers, NDG balers and GD balers. Our models can be built either above ground, or below ground in a pit. Extra features for our small bale balers include, but are not limited to, feeding systems, automatic strapping, automatic bale evacuation and weighing systems.


  • EU box size or UK box size (for some models)
  • Pressing forces: 15T – 30T - 40T
  • Capacity : 10 to 60 bales/ hour
  • Bale weight: 25 to 135 kg/ bale, depending on the model

Process requirements:

  • Required capacity per hour (kg/ hour or lb/ hour)
  • Required bale weight (kg/ bale or lb/ bale)
  • Type of strapping material required (metal, plastic)
  • Available surface area and height of the building
  • Labor cost

VVH30 baler

VVH40 baler

DP baler with autostrap

NDG baler

NDG baler with autostrap

GD baler with autostrap

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